With our advance CNC machinery we can

fulfill any client request with wireforms.

What Is Wireform

A wireform is the end product of bending and shaping wire to a specific shape. These wires can take nearly any form an can vary from sizes small to large. This is where wireforms come in handy. Essentially a wire form is a length of wire that has had an exterior force applied to it in order to create a custom shape designed for a specific job or application. Here at Springquip we offer two types of wireform. Spring steel wireforms and mid steel wireforms.

Manufacturing Process

In the production process the wire gets pushed through a channel then formed into any unique shape needed. While it gets pushed through the channel a arm like mechanism holds it into place. The machine is set and the correct tooling is placed into it. Determining the correct tooling is an extremely important step in the process because it is the tooling the ensures the final product is bent correctly. A wire form with a spring has a custom end that fits into the customer’s part and the connection transfers energy while the spring stores energy.

Wireform Applications

Wireforms can be used in a variety of industries such as electronics, domestic appliances, fire fighting equipment, lighting, door locks, torsion bars, handles, security clips, furniture, electric fences, tent pegs and many more.