Tension Spring

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What Is A Tension Spring

Tension springs are designed to aid in keeping tension between two or more object when they try to detach. They then Stretch to a specific length as force is applied creating a resistance to the pulling force. Extension springs have no pitch in between the coils and have the  opposite function of a compression springs. The force applied to the tension springs  stretches its tightly wound coils apart to open.

They pull the force that is placed upon them and this creates a pull back effect when the force is removed, causing it to return to its original shape. Depending on where the tension spring will be applied, its length, thickness, shape and hook types can vary from time to time. These springs have hooks on the ends to facilitate the function of being extended or pulled on both ends.

Manufacturing Process

In the production process the wire gets pushed through a channel then formed into several smaller circle like wire. While it gets pushed through the channel a arm like mechanism holds it into place to prevent vibration. It then gets cut off and a mechanical arm grabs hold of it to keep it into place as the ends of the wire gets bent into place.

Stock Springs

Here at Springquip we offer a extensive range of tension springs or “extension springs” that are available in a variety of loop types, for example, full loop, half loop, double loop, swivel loop, tapered or coned ends, side or center loops, insert or fabricated loops