Springquip Products


Tension springs or “extension springs” are available in a variety of loop types, for example, full loop, half loop, double loop, swivel loop, tapered or coned ends, side or center loops, insert or fabricated loops.


These can be supplied with open or closed end coils, tapered ends, barrel shaped, or waisted, end ground square, progressive rate or conical. Applications: battery springs, textile springs, electrical appliances, irrigation equipment, lighting and automotive.


A wide variety of torsion springs are available and made to suit a particular need. Typical applications are irrigation, door locks, toys, paper punches, electrical switches, hinge springs, electronics, firearms, seat belt ratchets and textile machinery.


We design and manufacture wireforms for a wide range of uses:: electronics, domestic appliances, fire fighting equipment, lighting, door locks, torsion bars, handles, security clips, furniture, electric fences, tent pegs, and in the development of new products.


Specials are usually designed to suit a particular situation or requirement. Typical applications are: magazine springs, double battery contact springs, knitting and textile springs, lighting, electrical and electronic, fishing tackle and a range of flat material for brush and contact springs.

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