Welcome to Springquip.

We are a high volume spring manufacturer using the latest technology in CNC spring machines, specialising in smaller springs and wireforms.

Springquip has been ISO 9001 certified since 2004.

Springquip supplies springs and wireforms to a very wide range of industries within South Africa, namely:

Automotive • Defence • Electrical • Industrial • Lighting • Appliance • Agriculture • Shopfitting • Camping

Using different types of wire sourced globally Springquip can manufacture springs out of carbon spring steel, music wire, pre drawn galvanized wire, stainless steel and phosphor bronze.

Types of Springs manufactured:

Compression • Conical • Tension • Torsion • Wireforms

Our Philosophy

Springquip's philosophy is to manufacture springs within our niche, and to make sure we supply springs of the highest quality possible. To do this we constantly invest in training staff to be multi-skilled in all aspects of the manufacturing and quality aspects of the company. We also are constantly investing in new, more up to date machinery. Spring manufacturing is a constantly evolving process and keeping up with the latest methods keeps us at the cutting edge of spring manufacturing.

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