Coil Springs

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Coil Spring Manufacturers

A coil spring is a helix shaped device that is close-wound or open-wound. Its a flexible metal that returns to its original state or position after its stretched, squeezed or twisted. It is manufactured for multiple purposes including shock absorption ,due to its’ ability to store and release energy.

These Springs are made from a material like substance that has elasticity which returns to its natural state when unloaded, like hardened steel. When these springs are under compression the wire of the coil is under torsion. So in short it stores and releases energy, absorbs shock, or maintains contact between two surfaces.

Springs were first used during the making of clocks in the 1600s then later applied in chair seats and bedding. Today coil springs are crucial components of modern technology

Manufacturing Process

Workers start with rolls of steel cord. The cord diameters range in size depending on the type of spring. A machine called a dereeler unwinds the roll feeding it to a computer guided forming machine. This forming machine pushes the cord through a channel, shapes it into the coil and then cuts it into segments. Small wheels and a metal shaft guides the coil into shape.

Springquip is a qualified and accredited spring manufacturer that offers spring sizes ranging between 0.15mm-6mm

Compression Spring

Tension Spring

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